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About Bear


Bear Cockrell Duchemin


Knuckles, Dum Dum, and Pooh-ders


American Bulldog/Bull Mastiff Mix

Date of Birth:

September 5, 2002


92 lbs.






Extremely affectionate


Very playful




Hanging out with people


Hates water hoses, thunder storms, puppies nibbling on my ears

Favorite Food:

Aunt Jeni's Homemade Raw Diet; Chicken, Beef, etc.

Favorite Toy:

Moosie (talking teddy bear), Buddy (stuffed toy), Kong Frisbee

Favorite Walk:

Anywhere with my Mom


Deborah Cockrell-Duchemin, CPDT

BearWell, it all started when I was picked up by the Boston Animal Shelter. As soon as I arrived, they placed me on It wasn't long before my Mom came through the door. Of course, she had to put an application in, but I knew it was love at first site. Unfortunately, three other applications had been submitted for me. I knew that Boston Animal Shelter would do a great job reviewing the applications for the best placement for me. Well, the phone call went out. As I was keeping my paws crossed, the shelter employee said that I was all hers.

Since that day, I have made every effort to be the best dog ever. My Mom has definitely put me to work. I have learned 57 word commands. I have also learned American Sign Language. My Mom loves talking to me in sign language. So far, I have learned 15 hand signals. I have been to every obedience training class imaginable.

In August 2004, I received my American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Award. In January 2007, I received my certification as an Animal Assistant Activities Dog or Pet Therapy Dog with the Delta Society – Pet Partners. In November 2007, I was accepted into the Intermountain Therapy Dogs, R.E.A.D (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) Program.On December 2008, I passed my re-certification with Delta Society ~ Pet Partners.

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